Helplink digests are sent each business day as close to 11:00 am as possible. To have your postings included, please submit postings to following the formats outlined in the Helplink Subscriber's Guide prior to the posting deadline. Postings received after 11:00 am will be posted the following business day.

What is Helplink?

Helplink provides organizations with an opportunity to share information with each other for the benefit of the subscribed organizations and their clients.

How Does Helplink Work? Helplink is a closed, moderated email group whose subscribers include agencies, churches, clinics, schools, businesses and other community organizations that serve Marathon County residents. Messages from subscribers are sent to the Moderator (United Way’s 211) at Messages are approved and then forwarded, via blind carbon copy, to all subscribers. Explanatory subject lines briefly describe the message type, so only Helplink email postings that are of interest to the subscriber need be opened and read. United Way’s 211 reserves the right to edit messages/information for length, clarity, etc.

Subscribers may submit messages that fall into four subject types.

Each type of Helplink message has its own guidelines and instructions, which are explained in this guide.

The four subject types are: