Board Member Mondays

Meet Kalli Yaklyvich, Manager of Talent and Organizational Development at Wipfli.
She has been involved in United Way since 2014, with workplace campaigns, Emerging
Leaders, the Early Years Coalition, Impact Committee, and now as a board member and
part of the personnel committee.

Outside of work Kalli enjoys spending time outside in the summer, camping, fishing, and
going for walks. Kalli and her family like relaxing at home reading and watching movies

Kalli says, “When we first moved to Wausau I was really excited to learn more about the
community, and through my involvement with United Way I’ve met so many great people.”
She’s been volunteering since High School in every town she’s lived in and found
volunteering to be a great way to connect with others and give back.
Kalli, we are so lucky to have you in our United Way circle. Thank you!